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Aperture Investment Opportunity #2: "Bot Trust"

In this week's informational video, Aperture Science founder Cave Johnson explains why robots'll get you the biggest bang for your testing dollar. Don't wait until April 19th to get in on the ground floor. Invest in documentary game futures today!
Todd Windham : I’m surprised valve can have all of these ideas and genius inventions for their games but they still can’t count to three for Portals and Half-Life
LoneColamarine : P-body: GO BYOU.... KEIKA.
Zach : At first I thought it was bot THRUST idk why
mellow : Wait cave died before the cooperation initiative that glados made unless he's also a computer
James king458 : I dont have friends ill take atlas and p body pls

Aperture Investment Opportunity #3: "Turrets"

This week's reason to pre-invest in Aperture Laboratories: CEO and founder Cave Johnson's announcement that the applied sciences company is making its military-grade turret line available to consumers.
Disekai : These will never get old
fdz :

林辰祐 : Can i buy the turret?
fdz :

Godzilla : It got to the asiimov skinned turret and was like "What idiot?!-"
I think Valve's making fun of themselves!

Portal: A History of Aperture (Timeline and Lore)

Ever wondered what happened to the Aperture Science Enrichment centre before you started playing Portal? Here are the main events that happened before and during the Portal Series.

The timeline and lore of games has always interested me. Looking at Aperture Fixtures, Cave Johnson, GLaDOS and Chell was extremely interesting to understand why everything happened.

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I started Skyrionn to go back and look at easter eggs and the little details in classic video games. A few new games may come up at some point, but some games can become instant classics! Hopefully these episodes give you some gaming nostalgia.

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Check out my previous timeline where I looked at the history of Albion in Fable.

I also have another series where I look at interesting facts in video games!

The Portal Wikia was a great source for this episode. Check it out here!

Portal 2 OST - Bots Build Bots
Portal 2 OST - There She Is
Portal 2 OST - Vitrification Order

#Portal #Timeline #History
Alex Alex : Informative but dry as f***
Leo Holdiman : Portal 3 would be a co-op game, one player being Chell and the other being someone with a gun (Gordon, Kleiner, someone from the Half-Life series).

Also, can you make this again, but if the mods (Stories: Mel and Aperture Tag) were canon?
Jeffry : muy bueno
Ian Place : 12:00
SaVlad : Elon Johnson much?




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